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Wine Review/ Brotherhood

Wine Review/ Brotherhood

I had to pleasure to receive a bottle of Red wine, my fave Cabernet from Brotherhood winery located in NYC. It’s the oldest winery in the country and has been around since 1839. The Winery has amazing features, such as Wine tastings, a cafe that offers gourmet cooking, and tours.



About the wine:

Now although I am not a pro or expert wine tasting. I know what I like. It’s very rich in flavor a the bottle last me a 2 weeks that’s a record right? It’s aged for at least 6 months and is considered a traditional style, dry red wine. ¬†To me it dose not taste as dry as it states on the site. Personally, I love the wines that are in the middle- not too dry and not too sweet. It’s simply the best of both worlds. I would highly recommend that you head out and try these top shelf¬†wines and check out the winery as well.

Starting price$ 14.99

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