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Hey Snobs, It’s Thanksgiving and right now, you probably took a quick break from everyone to do a breather, woke up from all the food you ate or like me just waiting to buy cheap stuff on sale at midnight lol.

I haven’t wrote a entry in a while because honestly I don’t think of it until a spare of the moment. But I just want to take time out to show gratuite. I’ve been writing and saying what I am grateful for last week. Since being consistent I have been feeling better and better. We live in a fast paced society, and I am learning that it’s okay to just take time…and chill. It’s okay to sleep in, it’s okay to miss a workout, it’s okay to not be on schedule all the time. So today I am writing down a few things That I am grateful for.


  1. My patience with Blogging. LOL
  2. A blogging buddy that I’ve worked all year.
  3. Peace
  4. The close people around me that keeps me laugh.
  5. My creative talent.
  6. Sight for seeing the Sun and being able to feel it.

4.The love from family and friends

  1. Wi-fi and Coffee
  2. Good health.
  1. The Love of God that no matter how many times I mess up-he’s got me!

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