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It’s the Holiday season and some people from my perspective seem to treat Thanksgiving as the stepchild. It seems as if we go from Halloween and skip straight the Christmas. I am not bashing anyone if they don’t have the cornucopia on their door lol, please this is not about decorations. I am just really hoping there are a lot of people out there to have something to be thankful for. Not just on Thanksgiving but every day.

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I am Thankful for so much and none of what I am Thankful for this year can be purchased. I am grateful that I am learning to have patience during my process. It’s can be frustrating knowing the talent you have and sometimes getting discourage and feeling stuck can be a complete bitch (excuse my French but I couldn’t think of another word to express it). Feeling like your just sitting there knowing behind the scenes you are at work every day. So I have embraced my process of where I am and I am Thankful.

Another Thankful moment that cannot be purchase is having a conversation with my mom. (It’s about to get deep yall) She just had some issues that needed to be handled by God’s hands and prayer. I am Thankful I can just have a phone conversation with her, and that’s the start.


Final Thankful moment. For my dad, simply because I am his youngest and most people don’t even have a father let alone the father wants to be bothered with them.

As this year comes to a close, these are the three things that have made me a better person this year to be thankful. Now Snobs, before you start chowing down on one of those Patti’s Pies, what are you thankful for? Life, being content?  Comment and Share below

PS. I am thankful you a reading this


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