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Planoly, the app I use for Instagram

Planoly, the app I use for Instagram

One of my goals this year for my blog was to be consistent with posting to Instagram. If you know how this Instagram thing works, you know that you need to be consistent. Amazing and clear images, along with short but detailed content to increase engagement on your page. Your instagram grid needs to flow and needs to capture attention. Yes, after 3 years I am still learning but- finally putting all this information into action!

Honestly, it was freaking hard to keep up with instagram. Yes I was being lazy but I also work and I have a freelance company- so I was happy to stumble upon Planoly! This app simply that reminds you that you need to post your images to Instagram! Whoever created this, you are dope and thank you! This app has made my blogging life a bit easier so let’s get into this blog post with some pros and cons about this app. 




  • It’s FREE!!! There are plans that cost, but unless you have a team running your social media content, there’s no need for that. With the free account, there is a max of 30 images that you can upload. The next upgrade from the free account will be the Solo, where the only benefit that I see would be the unlimited images you can upload.


  • Keeps track of your Metrics since you’ve started using Planoly. From likes to unfollows, Planoly gives you a complete monthly overview from the analicts point of view. Monthly, weekly, to yearly it’s all there for your liking and viewing needs. 


  • It copies the caption of your image to your notebook or memo. Once you set a time and date, all you have to do is copy and paste the text for your image to go live.


  • You can always set and re-set  your image in Planoly by time, day and month.



The one things that I dislike about this app -which isn’t a deal breaker, is that I still have to post the image through the app. Planoly just sends you a notification, so if you are a time management person, set an alarm the same time you set your image to go live on Instagram.



None the less, it handles everything and you can basically set up a week’s worth of images. Remember to copy and paste! Download the app, try it out for free, let me know what you think! Already heard of it? Comment below and tell me your thoughts.


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