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The Best foundation for Summer you should buy.

The Best foundation for Summer you should buy.
best foundation for Summer

It’s the Summer and I believe I have found the best foundation for Summer. The Revlon Candid Foundation was a simple impulse buy from me being at Ulta. While the Revlon brand is apart of my Beauty arsenal, I wasn’t expecting to branch out into their new natural finish line. I am a full coverage girl, however, I am always open to trying foundations, primers etc from a brand I know and use already. So let’s get into it!

The Foundation//

About Revlon Candid Foundation>>>So…its a natural finish. Very lightweight. I honestly didn’t look to see if it was full coverage. I saw it on sale for I believe it was $4.00 and some change. Sooooo…… yeah I bought it.

The Concealer//

I am finally trying my hack at contouring my face. This concealer I believe is good. However, it’s not great for contouring. The darkest color matched my skin tone almost. The light color was just not for me either. Yes, they went back to the store. LOL.

Overall thoughts//

Revlon can’t go wrong when it comes to their foundation. I would usually have the Colorstay be my foundation of choice. However, if this brand keeps making the Candid foundation or something similar to it- I will make a consistent purchase. This foundation is lightweight and not all the time I don’t need a beat face. I do like the fact that I can get one pump out of it and it gives me that natural finish. Put on some eyebrows, lashes, set my face, a little gloss and I am done and out the door. I didn’t try the rest of the line because it wasn’t on sale or sold out of my shade. Finally, its good to mention that I am a caramel shade in the Colorstay line. So that shade did transfer to the Candid foundation. In conclusion, this is the absolute best foundation for Summer.

Revlon Candid Foundation=This is Snob Approved!

Comment and share your thoughts below. Have you tried this foundation out?

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