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The Brand you need to know about- NTRL RBLS


When these hats arrived in the mail, the only thing that came to my mind was Dope. The time I checked out the website for this brand…Dope. The attention to detail and the production of NTRL RBLS is beyond great and screams Los Angeles luxury street wear. Having a stylist eye, the quality is nothing but top notch and can be worn for years and years. It’s something that will never go out of style.


NTRL RBLS is not the average streetwear brand, besides having that hint of luxury into their entire collection, it’s the unisex feature which sets them apart from a few designers. Overall  NTRL RBLS  screams Hip Hop, luxury, west coast vibes but can ultimately still  be seen on Demi Lovato without losing some worn out value. Remember era of fashion with the VonDucth trucker hat and Juicy Couture sweat pants…yeah that worn out value.


The creator  of this street luxe (dope as sh*t!!) clothing line is Alex Cotraviwat. He is the Founder and the CEO of Milky Agency based in Los Angeles, Ca, and he is also a DJ. NTRL RBLS was launched in 2014 and the brand has been going strong since then. I simply cannot wait until the next season. But, until then I finally manage to get some quick pictures taken of myself and the two products that were sent to me. I cannot wait to head back to LA to wear rock these hats along with checking out new gear from NTRL RBLS.

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