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The Brush Guard! Review

The Brush Guard! Review

The makeup industry is worth well over a billion dollars, and with new products coming out every day whether it’s a new cosmetic line or a celebrity collaboration, me personally, if it helps me anyway, I am buying!

This goes for brushes as well, every artists (professional or beginner) needs to take care of the main source for blending, contouring, and definition to any area on the face. I had the pleasure to receive a makeup brush cleaning kit called the Brush Guard.

The Set comes with a 2 in 1 cup (one for drying and one for cleaning), a towel to blot the brushes, organic shampoo to clean your brushes, and a variety pack or guard pack of your choosing to keep your brushes in good condition.They brush guards come in all shapes in sizes to fit the smallest of your brushes sets to the largest. 

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My Review:

Why the Brush Guard is awesome!!!

It’s so important to keep your brushes clean simply because, dirty brushes can cause breakouts (EWW).

Keeping your brushes in great condition is important, simply because I want my new $40 brush for blending or whatever to still work a year from now.

Overall my experience with the brush guard is that it simply works! My brushes are soft and are in shape like the first day I bought them. I also used the shampoo (it has conditioning oils and antibacterials) and on my beauty blenders as well as my brushes. My brushes are clean and soft.Very simple and very easy!!

The brush guard kit comes with everything you need! The shampoo the comes within the kit make sure that the brushes are clean from dirt & olis, old make up and worst of all bacteria. I adore this set and I am so happy about it!


Thank you BrushGuard for sponsoring this post!


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