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The Expert Series: Pilar Scratch

The Expert Series: Pilar Scratch

pilarNew York, NY- I had the pleasure to come across someone who is smart, bright and that can give advice to women who are not only juggling multiple projects, hectic traveling schedules and deadlines but to women who are mothers as well. Pilar Scratch is a professional wardrobe stylist for celebrities and at Seventeen Magazine. TPS is excited to have this expert share her advice.

Pilar Scratch

Social Media: @PilarScratch

What prompt you to start your blog? 

What inspired me to commence my online magazine is that I waved to give back and assist emerging artist to reach a  platform that would have taken then ages to reach. FASHIONGXXD.COM was originated to help upcoming bloggers mua , hairstylist designers to work with celebrity and to receive press from it .

I went to facebook and asked “As a blogger, what are your struggles?” Traffic was the main one. pilar1What do you suggest bloggers do as far as gaining traffic to their site?

The best way to draw traffic to your site is to link with other bloggers. They have a base you don’t have. Guest write on other site’s, and  cross-promotion is key!

When do you find time to publish your content?/ What are your tactics for gaining followers on social media?  

Having an editorial calendar is a great way to keep organized especially with being a mom but I do find a great equilibrium by setting alarms a million times a day. It assists me to not loose focus with everything I’m juggling. I’ve gained my social media following through networking in an immensely active follower I engage in everyone’s post on my timeline, leave comments. I try my best to have Any social media platform I have been an exact representation of my personality.

I try my best to publish content at night, the pre-set the post to generate at a specific time

Where do you find inspiration?

I unearth inspiration from my son, River. Mason who is a child model for Gap, Curly kids hair care. My son inspired me to pursue my dreams. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be “Pilar Scratch ” id possible be a teacher lol


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