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The Eyelash brand for 2019 you need to know about.

The Eyelash brand for 2019 you need to know about.

It’s a New Year and its time to gather some great beauty brands for 2019 . Outside of having a great outfit, your makeup should be apart of that equation as well. Luckily, I was sent some eyelashes from Esqido to help me get ready. I ‘ve been wearing false lashes since I was 15 or 16, and eyelashes bring that pop and dramatic flare to your face. They are also based on your personality too. Ever notice all false eyelashes are not created equal? They range from thin to thick, and short to long. So let’s see what Esqido is all about.

What I got from Esqido>

To my surprise I received 3 set of eyelashes and the glue to go with them. These lashes are handcrafted with premium Mink Hair. They are set to last 60 days, as well. 

BFF/ Semi Full. The perfect length and not dramatic-still very glam!

Big City Lights/  I adore the the volume with this lash. It’s not too much-just enough.

Voila /  So Full!! Giving you nothing but drama!!

My Real Truth. 

The lashes: They are all lightweight. The lashes I choose were semi to full of volume. There are also small circles on the back of the box to indicate that. The eyelash glue holds on well and I love the fact that I can glide it on the lash without the mess. It’s a stronghold and doesn’t clump on the lashes either. These lashes overall are great and you can for sure get great wear out of them. Whether you’re trying to go for a full face or just add lipstick with you for the day.

Price Ranges: Eyelash Glue $10. Lashes: $27-29.00

Use the code: thepinksnob to get 10% off entire order!

Esqido Mink BFF Lashes & the brands eyelash glue.

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