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The grooming product every man must have…


Me: So this is the face wash and moisturizer. This is step one (face wash) this is step 2 (moisturizer) You have to use them day and night and here is the face scrub too.

Him: Those are too many steps.

Me: I know I do it everyday….but look at my skin tho!


If there is a man in your life who is still using soap and lotion apart of his daily routine, you need to be the woman to change that nasty habit.  Now wait, soap and lotion are amazing factors for overall bathing, but I am talking about grooming. It’s time time for that guy to get it all the way together!

I was sent some amazing full sized samples of the must have item for mens grooming in 2017. The kit includes Facial cleanser, scrub and moisturizer, Body wash, Shampoo and Conditioner, and shaving cream. He has a bread and was shaving anything so I kept that!

x About Montez Renault x

Former college football teammates and NFL linebackers Karlos Dansby and Chris Butler created Montez Renault to inspire men to do good and feel good about their appearance. Celebrities such as Neil Patrick Harris and Ethan Hawke are fans of the product and the Body Wash was declared “THE BEST” by Men’s Health.  All porducts are crafted from all-natural ingredients, organic, and are made of the highest quality.

All Montez Renault can be purchased at and are avabile in Lord&Taylor, Nordstrom and Belk nationwide.

Price: $17.00- $63.00.

x My–Well his truth x

The shampoo and conditioners did wonders on my hair, it worked very well with African American hair. The facial scrub, wash and moisturizer are good. It’s something I would have to get into the habit of doing simply because I don’t use that many steps to wash my face. The Body was lathers up really well and my skin doesn’t dry out quickly from it at all.

x My Truth x

The shaving cream was everything!!! Although I love the foam, this texture was a softer base, I thought I picked up the shampoo by mistake. The finish is smooth and I am not sure if it’s me or not but I haven’t shaved my legs in maybe a week or two. I usually get a little stubble here and there but I haven’t so far.


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