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The Highliner Life w/ Marc Jacobs

The Highliner Life w/ Marc Jacobs

The Highliner Life w/ Marc Jacobs

I completely adore Marc Jacobs, I mean he is a friend in my head. So it was only right to fall in love with his beauty collection at Shopera that launch a few years ago. I was sent some new goodies from the Marc Jacobs Beauty via Influenster and well….Let’s just get into the my truth shall we.


xx My Truth xx

So let’s be honest, any box that comes in the mail with my name on it I am all for it-especially if it says Marc Jacobs! But once opening it, I was like “Why would they send these…they almost look the same?” LOL THEY DIDN’T THO!!  I am not a makeup guru and don’t plan on being one, so I did what I did best- Ask my guy friend that works at Sephora and well I was inspired and I got to work.

The highliner is a gel crayon that glides on easily to both your waterline and eye lids. The two colors that I received were  Earthqauke (a light brown) and Brown (which was a darker brown) of the highliner pencil. For me personally, I love black on my waterline, so I just took the Brown (the darkest color) and gently glided it on my outer eyelids where I would usually take a crease brush to. The middle part of my eyelids, I placed the Earthqauke color. Using my fingers only I blended the two together and completed the look with a a black winged eyeliner.  I can also tell you that the highliners stayed on the entire day without looking faded.

I am so grateful to had been given the chance to try these products complimentary of both Influenster and Marc Jacobs Beauty. Personally, I am not a fan of these highliners. I like shadow base products. This is great for creating a glam look on the go with less product, but it’s just not me. Marc Jacobs beauty products will still be added to my collection but just not the highliners. I believe if I weren’t sent colors so close to my skin tone the outcome would have been better, but I made it work.

Check out the entire Marc Jacobs Beauty collection at Sephora!



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