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The Jet Setter- 12 Days of Christmas. Day 2.

The Jet Setter- 12 Days of Christmas. Day 2.

The Jet Setter is the life most people would love to have. Traveling all over the world for work or play. That’s why I choose to become an ambassador for PEACH. It’s an amazing brand, with clothing for the everyday working woman. From yoga to lounging around the house, I am so excited to share with you a few of my favorite roundups for travel.

Lately, traveling has been the most amazing and exciting experience. It can be a quick short trip to Chicago or a long flight to Paris. I am starting to learn not only what to bring, but how to dress comfortably. I love being warm, cozy and just overall comfortable. TPS has happily rounded up a few fave travel items from PEACH.

5 Items from PEACH for Jet Setters

1.The Oversize Tote.

This tote is the perfect carry on bag. Perfect and large enough for a snack, tablet, and computer. This tote bag also comes with a small cross-body too. It’s absolutely perfect! We can go ahead and add on the coat in there too! It’s called the cope

2. JetSet Travel Kit.

You have your blanket and eye mask ready to go.

3. Sofie Jogger

These run a bit big, however it all depends on how you want them to fit. Baggy or fitted. However, they are absolutely comfortable.

4. Arden Shawl.

Just in case you forget your comfy blanket and pillow. But this can also double as a layer too. Airplanes are usually cold, so the more I can wrap myself up the better.

5. Pull Over SweatShirt.

More than just a sweatshirt, the details on this make this top elevates it to a statement item that pairs well with denim.

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