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The Ultimate stay at home Essentials.

The Ultimate stay at home Essentials.

Just in case the second wave of a stay at home order happens, TPS has created the ultimate stay home essentials? Outside of wi-fi, wine and very good snacks, I am getting used to this stay at home thing. But I found out that there were certain items that were a must-have in my active space of isolation. Below, I created a list that catered a great stay at home essentials list.

Comfy Loungewear.

I notice I had a lack of comfy loungewear and sleepwear. With all the great sales happening, I had to take advantage. Dresses and nightgowns are the way to go for me.

Workout outfits.

Being active is keeping my mind and body strong these days. Thank God I partnered with Peach clothing. Not only do they have great loungewear, but comfortable workout gear as well.


I decided to invest in my skincare. From getting rid of strawberry legs to hyperpigmentation on my knees and under my arms. So, I stocked up on sugar scrubs and purchased a variety of lotions and shea butter. I also purchased a few beauty items from Ancient Cosmetics. A small online business that caters to men and women of color. I cannot wait until I three months from now to see the results. Check out this blog to view my entire list of skincare items. ButterLovebyLC is another small business owner whose items I fell in love within 2014. Amazing shea butter and sugar scrubs.

When it comes to waxing, it can get messy. So I decided to check out the brand Flamingo. They offer both shaving and waxing set.

Candles and Fresh Flowers.

I adore a space that does not only bring out the creative aspect within myself, but I love the smell of fresh flowers. I also enjoy an airy, yet floral scented candles. I purchase my candles from a local base Saint Louis company-PostPourco. Feel free to comment and share if you have any other candles brands that I should check out.

These are my go-to stay at home essentials, so far. Comment and share if there’s something we have in common!

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