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TheExpertSeries: Rachel McCord

TheExpertSeries: Rachel McCord

i-bw2DqRn-LLos Angels, Ca- So I had the chance to meet an amazing young gal a few months back via email (or Facebook I cannot remember lol) she is beyond the most coolest girl you want to hang with. Rachel McCord is a Hollywood socialite and on-camera personality that serves other influencers in the Hollywood lifestyle, fashion and beauty space. Rachel went from humble and rocky  beginnings in Georgia…to the glamour and Red Carpets of Hollywood.  She found herself living a life she didn’t feel she deserved —and she still struggles some days.

McCord has been featured in many news outlets for her work, including: US Weekly, In Touch, OK, L.A. Confidential, Extra, Glamour, ABC News, UK Vogue, Hollyscoop and Perez Hilton, to name a few.

Social Media: Facebook & Instagram @TheMcCordlist

What prompt you to start your blog?

I really wanted to help inspire women to feel worthy of fabulous things and I wanted to talk about my own personal journey of identifying my own personal self-worth and living a fabulous life in Hollywood.

When do you find time to publish your content?

I don’t, lol. As blogs take off, that’s the challenge for content creators, when to post. As of now, I’m pretty consistent with Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I went to facebook and asked “As a blogger, what are your struggles?” Traffic was the main one. What do you suggest bloggers do as far as gaining traffic to their site?

I would suggest working with other big influencers and bloggers to create fabulous collaborations.

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Where do you find inspiration?

I’m inspired by the people around me. I find that listening to what is going on in their world helps me find what is important to them and share stories that speaks into that.

What are your tactics for gaining followers on social media?  

Appreciating every single person who follows me and staying engaged with them. I care more about the relationship and the content than getting caught up in the numbers. As you evolve the content, by truly considering ways to bring value to your followers’ lives, you will naturally grow.

Private events, Red carpets, etc, how do you find the time to keep everything in order with an editorial calendar?

Well my chihuahuas only eat twice a day, so it’s kind of easy. I don’t have children, yet, but I still have the natural issues of never finding time to do everything I need to. Fortunately, I have awesome people around me to help. I delegate what I can and I try not to be a control freak. I work hard, stay focused, wake up early and then trust God to let things be.

Working with brands? What have been your experience?

It’s so much fun, I love working with brands. They send me fabulous products to try out and then I end up re-gifting to my close friends — who are all bloggers and celeb influencers. I also get to work with some awesome ones like Zappos Couture, Robb Report Vices or e-Citizen Cigs to include them in my new Top 10 video series.


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