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Things I am in love with…

Things I am in love with…

xx Things I am in Love with! xx

Vol 2 V-Day series

While we are the series of leading up to Valentines Day…I thought hmmm why not do a post on a few things I love. Okay, so the list is quite long but for personal preferences, I will keep it short and sweet! So here we go!


Going to church

Now, okay so within this post will be a series of things I love that might not match but this is my blog and who cares. That’s why I am going to church lol. It’s a great feeling and complete knowledge of whats going on today. You just need something better and higher than you to elevate to the next level and it’s a great day to start your week.


Do I need to explain…

Vanilla Latte’

So they need to be made right and taste right. So far, Starbucks, a few local Coffee Houses, and Nordstrom can make me happy.


I love being around people especially a guy that can make me laugh…yes he’s the one. Laughing is a good source of energy and I love having it around me.


So….who doesn’t love a good wine on with dinner, movie, hard days work, or just because??


I started my blog back in 2013, and once I learned that it could be a business, I started treating it as such. And plus I love writing in my own style and tone.


I love fashion, not only shopping but styling. Wardrobe styling is my dream and love. Working fashion week and helping people get ready carpet ready is a lustful love I cannot describe. Here is some of my work below.

What are some of the things that you are in love with? Commit below!!


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