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This old sweater trend is back in 2021.

 Sweater over your shoulder

Draping a sweater over your shoulders is nothing new in the fashion world. Sorry to disappoint you. It’s so totally 80’s and 2017, but I love it! My style is nowhere near preppy, however, but TPS is all about versatile fashions. So I paired this trend with my loungewear and its perfection! Not only is this a way to transition into your Spring clothes, but it’s also a great way to get more wear out of your winter items.

I just grabbed a sweater that 1. Chunky but thin enough to drape over my shoulders and can be tied in various ways. 2. I chose a pop of color because who knows it might be chilly enough to layer this sweat-set. While we are leaving Winter behind, she still likes to linger around until May. Please keep this in mind as your styling clothes.

Below, I’ve gathered up a few sweaters that you can shop for when it comes to this trend. Feel free to shop your closet first!

So are you on board with this trend? Comment and share below if this will be your Spring go-to.


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