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This weekend tho… The Roundup

This weekend tho… The Roundup

SAINT LOUIS, MO-So my week has been distracting but, has ended on a fun note! The fun started on Thursday night for the VIP opening for The Preston restaurant which is located inside of the luxury hotel -The Chase Park Plaza. Friends and I had the pleasure to enjoy drinks, signature cocktails, wine (my fave) and food. The event was produced by One80 Entertainment. Not sure why it was called the “Soft opening” but if they have a “Hard one” I’ll be at that one too 🙂 !!

Photos by One 80 Entertainment

Friday- Projects + Gallery

Still in my hood continuing the fun the next night, I was invited to Projects + Gallery . This month’s feature is on Haute Hip Hop which will run from January 29th-March 12th.  Tupac, Salt & Pepper to Drake were among some of the artist that were featured inside of the showcase. After that, I just remember us heading to Gringo to get something to eat and more drinking, after that I have no idea what happen.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Harris

Saturday – Thaxton Speakeasy & Naughti Gras

I had the pleasure to attending another event downtown at the Thaxton Speake easy. Was only there for an hour and my cousin invited me to join her at Naughti Gars. Long story short, it’s basically erotic art with peep shows and…other stuff. I mean it wasn’t  overly sexed to point I thought some someone was gonna get freaky, nor was I freaking out but there was freaky stuff going on in the basement. So it was time to go LOL

So that’s my weekend in a nutshell. What did you do over the week? I want to know! Share below





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