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Too fast, Too soon

Too fast, Too soon

Entry 15 ….

I am on a roll with these entries so far but last night (not sure when im posting this but last night was 9/29) was am amazing magazine event with friends who I haven’t seen in weeks, free drinks and twerking music. But, before all of that happen, I had a quick drink and dinner at a restaurant where this guy just again randomly sat by me. We engaged in conversation and joked with each other.

Long story short, we trade numbers. Then I ended up texting him because I never got the chance to know what he dose for a living because what’s really paying for your apartment in Manhattan Chelsea area. He answered Cunnilingus…but he is a architect. He’s an ass eating architect. Yes I have a sense of humor I thought it was funny, but from there he just went on and in about how he would just eat me out. And be down there longer if its clean and shaven….NOW! OMG so freaky yass. 

Why am I sharing this?? Because (I need some content) there are some answers I just want to know. Maybe because I just watch too many murder mystery movies and TV. But I am just not a fan of a guy doing that to me the same day we meet. I am attractive I get it. But DAMN….I just met you three hours ago! Sure maybe he’s looking for a good time while he’s in town that’s cool- BUT I AM NOT THE ONE at least not after three hours of just meeting you. 

Is it just me? My energy I am giving off? Do they have a black girl fetish? I mean I could stab you in your neck and take your money all be because you want me to come over and sit on your face. I don’t know-have you guys (which I know you have) ever been in a situation where it’s just like damn… Too Fast Too soon??? 


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