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TV Shows to watch during self-isolation.

TV Shows to watch during self-isolation.

Self- isolation has the entire world locked safely in their homes. We as humans are in need of entertainment. YouTube is usually my way to go for all things funny. While I hardly watch TV, I am excited to share a few little gems that TPS has discovered

Self- isolation TV Shows watch.

– Hulu. // Little Fires Everywhere. A drama set in the mid-late 90s featuring Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon.

-Hulu. // Family Guy. It’s offensive and funny. They make fun of everyone.

Amazon Prime. // Chicago PD. Catch up on the entire season, this is my fave

-Bravo. // RealHouse Wives of Atalanta. So, this is one show I do watch when it comes on haha. Grab an umbrella because these chicks bring the shade. Although new episodes has been postponed, you can always watch season 1 to get familiar with the cast.

-AMC. // The Walking Dead. I only started watching this show because if Jeffery Dean Morgan, he plays a character named Negan. I might put this on hold simply because this rona is going on haha. But, it’s still a great show.

Amazon Prime. // Sex and the City. Fashion, Cosmo’s and more Fashion.

Hulu.// Fugget About it. Yes it cartoon, but its again, its funny. Who doesn’t need a great laugh right? After killing the Don, Jimmy Falcon then becomes a rat to save himself and his family. Follow the Flacons as they start their new life in Canada.

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