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Vegan Leather Pants Black x White

vegan leather pants

vegan leather

Vegan Leather Black x White

This color combo is nothing but classic and very Karl Lagerfeld. I had to put some edge to with these Vegan Leather c pants. Yes they are crop pants, but they also hit my 5’7 frame exactly where I want them to be! 

Honestly, I was not a fan of these crop pants because I felt like it did nothing for my shape and it was very old ladyish. But when I tried these on… not only did they fit well, but I had to go down a size because they run big! Way to go Banana Republic! Yes, noise is made when I walk but my thighs rub together so IDK what to say. None the less I adore these pants!

vegan leather pants

The top is an oldie but goodie statement top (n/a) See tops here and here) that is my signature-bows and just being extra. Below, I’ve gathered a great selection of Vegan Leather pants to choose from! Also, the pants I have on are on sale, and have been markdown. I am not sure why they are showing up full price. Head to your local Banana Republic store! 


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