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Velvet for Spring…yes


Velvet for Spring…yes

I know what you’re thinking, Velvet is a Winter/Fall thing-well no. We must throughout the old rules when it comes to Fashion. For example, you can wear white all year round-the “no white after labor day” rule has been broken. Spring is a transitional season, which means Winter is slowing leaving and there can still be a chill in the air. So don’t put away your that velvet blazer just yet! This blog post is more about the shoes when it comes to the well-known fabric. From OTK boots to comfy chic flats, I’ve created a shoppable layout of fun and fashionable velvet shoes for Spring. The great thing about this is that these shoes you can wear all year round if you want. I am really big on items that are easily versatile every season. Do keep that in mind when buying and not to just impulse buy which I’ve done so many in the times past.  Comment and share below the shoes you can’t wait to have in your closet!

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