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Versatile Fall Fashion | 3pieces you can wear now.

Versatile Fall Fashion

Versatile Fall Fashion in August?? Yup, we’re getting started on Fall fashion early. Today on TPS, we’re sharing 3 versatile Fall Fashion pieces you can wear now. Yes, Fall is right around the corner! But don’t change your wardrobe over completely just yet. Fall is a tricky month where it still feels like Summer and it’s a blistering 90 degrees in September. While my outfit looks amazing-I am burning up LOL! That’s why I’ve chosen 3 items that you can leave out if you’re not already wearing them.

As you know, TPS is all about versatile fashion. I truly believe in shopping your closet, unless there are items you need to restock. Nonetheless, I am sharing a few items that I already have in my closet. So let’s get into this blog post!

3 Versatile Fall Fashion

The button down shirt.

Versatile Fall Fashion

The button-down is hands down the most versatile item on this list. The top that’s featured is a men’s button shirt. However, I’ve made this into the chicest top ever by experimenting with versatile yet comfortable ways to wear it. From halter tops to an off the shoulder-it’s a game-changer. This shirt is thrifted, however, I’ve rounded up a few here, here, and here.

The maxi dress.

Versatile Fall Fashion

The wide brim hats.

female solo traveler

These hats have actually been my go-to for Summer and basically all year round. Now of course they can elevate any style, but it saves me time when my hair needs to be done too. The one I am sporting is from Lack of Colors from The Real Real. While these hats are an investment, you should be able to get your cost per wear when it comes to styling them. They actually make any casual outfit pop and it’s just an item I will continue to collect. I’ve rounded up a few here, here, and here.

Comment and share below any items that are versatile and you are wearing them now. I’d love to know.

Photos 1 &2 credit by Elena Celluars.

Photo 3 (pink dress) by Sara Canvins.

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