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Visiting Chicago | My 6-month recap.

Visiting Chicago
Visiting Chicago
Visiting Chicago

Visiting Chicago over the past few months has been nothing short of an experience. However, there’s nothing like experiencing life and in a new city after being in the lockdown of your own city for a year. Am I the only one that remembers 2020? Despite Chicago’s weather and charging for plastic bags, I can say it’s a great place to visit. So let’s get into the blog post as I recap my very long visit to Chicago.

Visting Chicago | My 6-month recap.

Visiting Chicago

Visting Chicago-It’s a vibe!

Let’s just get the weather out the way shall we? Chicago passed the vibe check once the weather broke. LOL. For me, it was just always chilly and heck maybe it was me. However, I am born and raised in Saint Louis, Mo. By the time the month of May comes, ALL OF MY WINTER CLOTHES ARE PUT AWAY. Not in Chicago. Jackets and hoodies were a consistent rotation in my daily wardrobe. I didn’t put away my coat until maybe the first of May.

Secondly, Chicago gave me the big city vibes I needed. There’s nothing better than a new environment with new energy. The beautiful architecture, the modern decor inside trendy cafes and hotels, and let’s not forget the wall art splattered on old and new buildings throughout the city. The views overlooking the city rooftops are perfect both day and night. And, if you’ve never had a Chicago rooftop experience, I recommend the London House Rooftop Downtown.

Side Note: I’ve been told there’s a viagra triangle. Where older men money lives or dine. I’ve never been but I heard it’s the place to go if you are seeking to be a sugar baby. IDK.

Another side notes: Visit the water. Lake Michigan or the Riverwalk-it’s an amazing sight to see.

Chicago is a large city.

So there are surrounding areas of Chicago outside of the loop locations which is still considered Chicago. What you see on TikTok is basically downtown, River North area, Old Town area. And that’s fine. However, content on neighborhoods such as Brownsville, Edgewater, etc is not really promoted as much. Or at least pushed through the algorithm. This is why research is important. I was able to find a blacked cafes, nail shops, and more. Blacked owned businesses were located South of Chicago.

I am going to be transparent here. The city is segregated. I think I am surprised because it’s such a cultured big city-but then, it just shows the history of America. Not to say that there are no people of color living in these areas, I just didn’t see an equal amount. Does that make sense?

Now I will say be careful and research and ask questions. Make sure your phone is charged and just overall be safe. You don’t want to end up in Chi-raq.

Visiting Chicago-The men speak.

Most women have had this experience of men staring and not saying anything to them. Still don’t understand the logic behind it, but at least you can do is speak and say hello. Anyways, the men here will not only say hello but will compliment you. Most of the interactions I’ve had have been respectful. So thumbs up, there you go.

Chicago people are active.

While athleisure wear is a popular style here in America, Chicagoans put the trend to use. There are gyms on almost every corner. On a daily, you can catch individuals running or training outside. I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy classes from Studio 3 and Marked. At studio 3 I can recommend Stu F and Danielle B. If you are into Spinning or high-impact workouts with strength training-these are the two trainers to have. Marked, while I’ve only been there once the time went by so fast and it was all strength training. And everyone has a dog. Like everyone.

Try studio 3

While Visitng Chicago-CTA is pretty much dependable transportation.

Chicago’s public transportation is CTA. It’s actually the way to travel if you are visiting Chicago like a local. Just make sure your phone is charged because you can easily transfer the CTA pass on your phone. Also, the CTA operators are great at answering any questions that you may have. You don’t want to end up in a bad part of town. Choose between a day pass or a monthly pass depending on the duration of your trip. Sundays are usually slow running days for both busses and trains, none the less it’s a great experience if you are seeking to visit Chicago like a local.

Side Note: It’s best for City travel and I believe only 2 trains run 24 hours.

Visting Chicago-Overprice and Taxes on everything.

Maybe it’s inflation picking up, but Illions is quite pricey. Yes, location matters, but nonetheless, every location charges for plastic bags, and taxes are over 8%. With the restaurants handing on by a thread because of 2020, seeing an added guaranty on the receipt is no big surprise. No matter the size of the group. In conclusion, be prepared to spend a bit extra when it comes to dining out, especially downtown.

Chicago Fashion blogger

In conclusion, if you have never traveled to Chicago before, it’s worth every penny. If you are a solo traveler or love traveling with a group, Visiting Chicago should be on your bucket list. It is such an amazing city to explore-I highly recommend it! Do keep in mind the covid restrictions and Vaxx status.

Now as far as living here-no. I just cannot do such a thing and yes weather is a factor. I have come to the conclusion I don’t like cold weather. So that’s my recap, and while I didn’t get to every restaurant on my list, I plan to visit again. In the Summer of course.

Check out TPS for other Travel posts. Also, are you planning on visiting Chicago? If so comment and share below.

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Photo by Elena Cellura (white dresses) & Sarah Canvins (with the black hat and leopard dress on; black hat and pink dress)


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