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Walmart Plus Membership | Is it worth it? 30-day review.

Walmart has been nothing but great to me since moving to Texas. It just got better with the Walmart Plus program-Or did it? Today on the blog, I am reviewing the Walmart Plus membership. I am sharing my personal experience of the membership. And, with the Holidays coming up, I just thought you should take a peek into the retailer that carries everything. The cost is $12.98 a month/$ 98 a year. With free shipping and grocery delivery for over $35, this membership might be worth it. Keep scrolling to read more.

What is it?

The Walmart Plus Membership is a subscription service like Amazon where you pay monthly or annually. As I mentioned before, the prices are $12.95 a month/$98 a year for the membership. Want to avoid lines?- you have the option to reserve your items for pick up or delivery. Another great perk that comes with this membership would be 6 free months of Spotify premium, early access to deals, Walmart rewards, and special prices on gas for members.

Walmart Plus membership

Overall review, Is it worth it?

Okay, so my honest opinion would be to invest. It has been a benefit for me simply because I want to avoid the lines, stick to my budget, find special sales, and most of all, have more time. You would have the option to purchase on a monthly or yearly basis. So try it for FREE HERE!


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