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Want early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale?

Want early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale?

Snob Luxe/This List: Nordstrom Anniversary sale

I know most of you are wondering why would I choose to place the Nordstrom Anniversary sale as a point of focus. Simple, because it shows exclusivity and it’s an amazing shopping event! The Nordstrom Anniversary sale happens once a year. You will have access to new items that are markdown and exclusive only to Nordstrom. Get the best selection by shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale first! You guys already know it’s one of my fave places to shop, I even did on post on the Half-Yearly sale! Did you not think I was not going to give you the deets on this up and coming event???

  • Key dates: 7/13- 7/20 For members only. 7/21-8/6 Opens to the public

You either must posses a Nordstrom Credit Card or DebitCard. Don’t want a credit card? Opt for the Nordstrom Debit card, it links directly to your



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