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We are 3 years old!!

We are 3 years old!!

3 years old

IMG_1099 is officially 3 years old! My blog is at the point where it can talk, walk, run and form a conversation. Yes I am comparing it to a actual human toddler and I am using my little cousin as an example. She’s just too grown tho….


I started taking my blog serious around Oct 2014, and from there everything was coming together and I am still till this soaking everything in. I have had the pleasure to work with Vanity Fair magazine for their Hollywood campaign for the 2016 Oscars in Los Angeles, amazing PR firms in both Los Angeles and New York, along with partnering with up and coming brands such as 88-EightyEight handbags, Adrianna Papell, Popsugar and more.

The entire goal for creating this website was to create great content for my readers and to express my taste and expertise as a wardrobe stylist. When I knew of the knowledge that I can turn this into a business, that was that! 

Past sponsorship with Infulenster and Maybelline.

I read up and google everything I knew about blogging. I am I am still learning today. Although we had some major success with collaboration and partnerships, TPS plans take it to the next level for 2017. Yes we are already thinking of major events, and partnerships to expose you to. Our mission is to bring you information. Thank you so much for the support and viewerships!




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