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What I am reordering from Amazon this month.

Amazon Cyber Monday sales
Amazon battery pack

Anything and everything can be found on Amazon right now. You can find engagement rings and even collect an entire fashion wardrobe. However, there is one item that I need to re-buy from Amazon simply because I lost. This small yet convenient battery pack. Yes, I lost an entire battery pack on my last trip. I was in Paris, drinking a ton of champagne at this Fashion show-IDK where it’s located.

This battery pack lasted me (until I lost it) the entire day. Although it was very small in size, it worked very well. The portable charger even when it came with a mini flashlight adapter. There are also four small lights to keep you updated on when the batter itself needs charging. I plan to do a ton of traveling in 2019-and looking for a plug to charge my phone is not on the list of things to do. This portable will make traveling easy for me when it comes to a fully charged phone. This is comparable to an Andriod. I do believe if you have an iPhone, it would work as well.

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