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What I am using for my Natural Hair.

What I am using for my Natural Hair.

Palmers sent me some great hair products to use on my natural hair. For the most part, I’ve been wearing wigs, weaves and adding heat to my hair for a very long time. After watching some YouTube vids, I feel that I got this natural hair care on lock! LOL simply not adding heat and making sure my hair is very moisturezed, and maintained.

In the beginning, I didn’t know where to start. From what products to use to what types of hairstyles I would wear without adding heat. This would be three weeks since I have not had any heat on my hair ie flat iron. I can tell that my hair is getting stronger. However, I was looking for something to try and to see what products that would keep my hair healty and hydrated.

Palmer’s has a line called Natural Fusions. I haven’t seen this in stores in my area yet. So to get these samples are a great way to test this product out. So let’s get into my routine, what I use and how I take care of it.

Hair Routine Steps.

Hair is washed once a week which would be a co-wash. If I used gel or any kind of products I will fully wash my hair with shampoo. Since I love to have my edges laid- I’ll but washing my hair with both Shampoo and Conditioner. Since these are samples, it was hard to get a feel for the product. I didn’t want to overuse or underuse the samples sent. However, the shampoo worked well , there was no left over pordcut.

Once a month I will add a mask. After washing my hair, I’ll use a mask. This mask I applied on my hair right after

Right now I am being lazy so my protective styles are wigs (my hair would be braided under the wig) or I would mold my hair up into a bun. Sew in, braids and a few other options that would avoid heat on my natural hair. I am looking forward to this natural hair trip!

If you got some tips for me, I’d be happy to use them! Comment and share below.

I was sent these samples from Palmers.


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