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What I do?


The more people I meet and work with always ask me. How did I get started? What exactly it is that you do? Well, I got started months after getting fired from corporate America. Initially, I didn’t have a clue to what I was doing when I got my blog up and running in the Summer of 2013. Honestly, I never put too much of a thought into it either, but long story short I got started.

In October 2014 I made a decision to take my blog seriously and as a business. I would spend nights (and still do, like now) researching, following the business behind blogging. I stumbled upon Bloggers Babes around March 2014 and was completely took advantage of what they had to offer on their site. I also made some great connections and networking with other online influencers as well. Especially those who I wish to have their lifestyle! Since I have made this a mission to take my blog serious, I have been able to work with some great brands, meet some great people and most recently head out to LA for Oscar weekend with Vanity Fair! Dream come true right?!

So for people who are curious are even interested in becoming a blogger, here is 75% of what I do as a blogger.

What I do as a blogger…

  • Never stop learning.
  • Create content ideas on my editorial calendar.
  • Set up dates for shooting photos. (Seek out a professional photographer, you want your images to be pretty)
  • Follow up and reach out to Brands I know and wish to work with.
  • Follow up on all emails and comments.
  • Complete any Freelance Blogging projects. (Outside of
  • Share Blog post on social media & make my personal rounds on Social Media,
  • Instagram share 2-3 times per day. (Tip I got from a Vlogger who has 2 mill followers on IG)
  • Build and Maintain relationship with Brands, Publicists, and Influencers alike.


Many of bloggers don’t do this per-say, but this is what I do. Do know that it takes time, and dedication. Nothing ever happens overnight.
Thoughts??? Ask me anything. Still have question about blogging??? Feel free to drop me a line, would love to help you!


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