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What we’re obsessing over- July

Wanted to try something new this quarter as far as content. There are a few items that I have personally tried and they have made this list. So let’s get into this blog post of what I am obsessing over with it.


//Glam Glow//

*Super Mud Clearing Treatment

So tired this and it yes there was a tingle sensation. I also notice that the major bump I had, shrunked  within a small time frame of me putting it on. Simply it’s magic in a jar!

Screenshot (29)

*Mega Illuminating Moisturiser 

The fact this smells like a dream sickle and feels like velvet on the skin is a plus. In the picture below, I wanted to give my face a break from wearing makeup all week. So I just threw on some lashes and did my brows. The only thing that is on my face is the Mega Illuminating Moisturiser.

SNOBTIP: Mix this with your foundation.

*Glam Glow Youth Mud

This was another tingle sensation mud mask, but after I washed the mask off I saw a notice in my face. Skin felt soft, refresh and over amazing with a slight glow.

SNOB TIP: I suggest using the Glam Glow clearing treatment and Youth Mud three times a week . Also for 40 min too!


// Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo & Silicon Mix Deep Conditioning treatment//

20160716_120224 (1)



Mane ‘n Tail has been around for years! I finally got around to trying the now expanding line. Right now I am wearing extensions but not only do I have to take care of these golden locks, I need to take care of my hair I need to take care of my hair underneath it as well. I purchased the deep moisturizing shampoo along with the Silicon Max deep conditioner- which has been known all over Youtube for restoring extensions. I decided to give it a try and my vote is yes to both! For my natural hair and extensions,  the outcome was great. My hair (both natural and extensions) were soft and clean.

//Too Face- Born this way Foundation//

I also used the Glam Glow Moisturizer underneath this foundation.

I love this foundation!! It’s officially my favorite and has moved into my top 5 must have foundations!

My T-zones, I had not had to bolt or take a take a napkin to absorb it.

My make up stayed the same for the six hours I was in the heat, moving, and greeting people.


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