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When you are just not feelin’ it….

Last weekend  or so not only did I have the chance to meet some of the dopest bloggers/influencers ever, but I had the chance to learn more and more about what I love to do every day from people who are experts. Now this originally  was supposed to be a recap of the Go Blog Social event , but throughout all last week, I didn’t feel like writing anything or doing anything related to my blog. I can’t blame it on the weather because for sure that’s very easy-hell it rained the entire week.  Lack of inspiration?Not really, I just wasn’t in the mood to do anything and yes that made me feel lazy.

I won these beautiful Parda glasses from ShopDitto. So grateful!!

I want to say I was just simply burned out and I needed a much breakaway. I was also thinking of ways to make my content stronger and better, and going over my goals for ThePinkSnob the next six months. I want to give you value and as I am sitting up here in the new Whole Foods they just built in my hood I am thinking of great ways to bring you that. So sorry for the M.I.A. snobs but ya girl needed a much break.

Love ya,



Below are some pictures from the event! Enjoy

image-2016-05-15-20-47-57 20160514_192957


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