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White Sneakers for Spring under $100.

White sneakers under $100

White sneakers are an absolute staple for Spring and Summer. The shoe pairs well with baby doll dresses, suits, and my personal faves-sweats. White sneakers are a key versatile item that you should have in your closet. As you know, TPS loves to share the cost per wear. Footwear of course is one of them.

I purchased these Nike Courts a few months back from I mistake the Courts for Air forces. While the Courts were not the shoes I was looking for, they are still perfect white sneakers for the Spring and Summer season. I wanted and needed a change from the Stan Smith Adidas. Plus, it’s great to have more than just one pair of white sneakers.

Now before you go an purchased your next pair of white sneakers, let me show you how to take care of them. These tips might even help restore the old ones you have.

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How to take care of your sneakers

I just go into wearing sneakers and I must say, they are high maintenance. Like who knew there were soooo many rules??

  1. Don’t Crease them: Keep the cardboard that’s placed inside of simply purchase the crease guards.
  2. Keep them clean: Magic eraser works wonders along with some shoe cleaner >>> EBKicks.
  3. Protection: Try protecting them more by packing them inside of a duster bag, keeping all the tissue paper and stuffings that came along with them.

White Sneakers under $100

White sneakers for Spring under $100

Now I am not a veteran at keeping sneakers crisp and neat. However, this has worked very very well for me.

Comment below and share any addtional tips on keeping my sneakers white like Mary’s little lamb. Because her fleece was white as snow. HAHAHAHA I tired.

This blog post contains affiliate links.

This blog post contains affiliate links.


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