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WHO WORE IT BEST? The black dress

WHO WORE IT BEST? The black dress
Rita Ora in Black Dior. 
The little black dress is a woman’s secret weapon of defense when there is nothing to wear.  My Instagram pick of WHO WORE IT BEST the curvy newlywed Kim Kardashian West and the British beauty Rita Ora donning in a black Dior mini.  
Kim Kardashian West heading out to her sister Khole B day party.
You don’t have to max our your credit card or over draft on a black dress, you can simply head to Zara, Express, H&M, and make a purchase. A black dress goes a long way, rather it’s a gala or you simply going to the grocery store, it’s a must have item in every woman’s closet. I recommend having at least three for these simple reasons below.

  1.     )From work and straight to happy hour or a date. Accessories and shoes are the way to dress it up.
  2.    2) sexy but classy one to have when its girl’s night out. Bandage dress shows off the curves you have invest in one.
  3.      ) Going somewhere casual and when you don’t have anything else to wear.


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