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Who wore it best? Versace Bodysuit

Both Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce are considered fashion icions today. And who would have thought these two divas would land a spot on my blog?!!

Hey Ms. Carter, is sporting a Atelier Versace bodysuit seen in the picture above during her On the run tour. I can see this bodysuit being worn with a high waist black skirt, leather or cotton material. Or a flare mini, but no jeans. It would throw the bodysuit off and not look flattering. Maybe if they were rippied but me personally I just can’t see it.

Jennifer is sporting a Versus Versace bodysuit in concert while promoting her new album JLo a.k.a.  This bodysuit to me might can get away with…no leave it as it…on stage material.

Both ladies look great in their Versace gear. And I’m pretty sure with Fashion week right around the corner, were sure to get fed more Versace before the fall.


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