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“Why singles or people period play match maker?”

“Why singles or people period play match maker?”
Hey SnOBs!

Another topic came to my mind and it’s actually a pet peeve of mine. Why single people or couples feel like they need to play matchmaker”

I didn’t ask for your help so there was no need to volunteer your services. It’s crazy as soon as I tell someone I am single they atomically want to hook me up or think I am looking for a man. STOP…STOP JUST STOP IT!!!

Don’t do that to me or anyone else that single. We’re single for a reason and I can speak for myself I don’t need a man to complete me or whatever reason you feel the need to volunteer your services when it’s not asked for.

It’s rude, and I am not supposed to be out looking for a man…I am not the hunter, they are supposed to find me. So please fall back and thank you.

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