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Workout Wardrobe, here’s what to purchase.

Workout Wardrobe, here’s what to purchase.

While most of you would want your workout wardrobe to be comfortable, most of us use it to get a Mani-Pedi. While I am now a fan of the whole athleisure look, there’s nothing more fun than update your workout wardrobe. From sneakers to cute jackets, you can’t fail the comfort and overall style that yoga leggings still have on women.

Entering this new decade, I decided to set goals to work out. Not only for physical reasons ie belly and backfat but for health reasons as well. I have incorporated (with the help os Jesus) veggies into my diet, and overall just being consistent. I plan to live a very long life that doesn’t consist of taking medicine. So, TPS went shopping to update my workout wardrobe!

These leggings featured below I received from PEACH. They have an entire amazing collection dedicated to the woman who is a boss, jet setter and the fitness guru. Bags, socks, sports bras, and so much more. While PEACH gives you plenty of options, below I have gathered a few more for you. Yes, the majority of these items are on sale.

Shoes: ASICS Men’s Running Shoe.

Top Must-Haves items for working out.

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