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Yeah so I got Lazy…

Yeah so I got Lazy…

Diary of a Pink Snob,  

I have to admit I have been more than lazy this past year when it came to blogging. It’s was the mundane things along with the frustration with getting photos both shot and received along with being very creative, SEO, etc. In reality I was over it and there is so much work to put into depending on the goals you want to achieve. I was over it…for a while…A LONG WHILE. So I just decided to rearrange my goals for my blog, and write them down. 

None the less, I decided to make an executive decision to just get s**t done! Creating my social media and editorial calendar. Most importantly, taking on task such as editing pictures, taking pics and etc. That’s not my strong point but I want it bad enough so I am willing to get out of my comfort zone to meet my blogging goals for the month and the rest of 2017.

There are 24 hours in a day, sacrifices will have to be made such as some late night and early mornings. I do apologize for the laziness I have demonstrated, but the new year starts Today, December 1st. I am typing this up this blog post for me to be held accountable. Call me out anytime lol.

Happy New Year!



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