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You better work Bitch!

Hey Snobs!

So I have seriously been back and fourth with weight and yes this ish is about to get personal. On oct 2014 i was about 225 to 230 pounds. The less I’ve weight was 199 that was before the holidays since then I gained like 5 pounds lol. Which is no big deal but I am ready to drop another 30 to 40 pounds. I really don’t care about height and weight let’s be real I just want my booty to pop a little more and my stomach flat. My tits can stay. That’s really all I want. And I will tell my trainer that too once I find one.

But I want this to be more than just a one time thing I want to get back into the habit of actually doing it. I love Pilates, it makes my legs looks amazing and overall its much better to me than yoga. Working out 4-5xs per week with caridio and Pilates along with some resistance training mixed in.

Food well, I love pizza, hamburgers and fresh baked cookies. I can’t help it!!! But can for sure live off on salmon, bake chicken and whatever protein I need. I am not a veggie eater but for sure I can make a green smoothie to get all the 5-7 veggies I need for that day.

I guess the reason why I am typing all of this is because I have to take care of my body. I do plan to have kids and their home until they are born is mommy’s tummy. Another reason outside of just wanting to look good half naked, working out makes you feel good and your not all that tired.

So this is my vow

May 1st-Aug 1

-Get back to joining the gym or working out at home doing some type of activity 15-30 min

-Get back into run club

-limit drinking and getting 8 hours of sleep. (I am invited to soo many events…well work on that one)

-Drink a gallon of water a day



-buy some swimsuits (my top have to come from a special place/ bottoms target)

-Visit the beach while I am in LA

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